Sunday, October 26, 2008




hariram said...

graceful! you are the lady who is struggling for the honour of Bhojpuri, Bravo, Keep this spirit up.
Hari Ram Pandey, Editor ,Sanmarg, Kolkata.

Sheikh Noor said...

Dear Prativa,
Thanks for giving a golden chance to write something in your golden porfile. So, I think I am very lucky.
I pray the God for your bright future. I hope that you will be success in your life and also want our friendship never end. I think our life is the bless of God. So, you always try to happy in your life.
At last I want to suggest you to do hard work in your present and also future then you never fail in your life.
I LOVE----------------------- who love me
I HATE------------------------ who hate me
I ENJOY---------------------- when I meet my friend
MY AIM----------------------- to be actor & anchor
I FEAR------------------------- my God
I SAD--------------------------- when my family sad.

Noor Alam Baadshah
Mobile 00974 5590258

राजेश त्रिपाठी said...

जगती के कण-कण में गूंजे प्रतिभा जी के गान।
यश-गौरव की वर्षा कर दें उन पर श्री भगवान।।
भोजपुरी की इस प्रतिभा का हो चहुंदिश गुणगान।
जिसने माटी की भाषा को दिलवाया सम्मान ।।

Pratibha Ji realy you have `pratibha' to give indian folk music a
new life, a immoral and memorable voice which is praisworthy.
keep it up . your blog is very nice. May good luck always shine on you.
Rajesh Tripathi (Writer & Journalist), Kolkata

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